Thursday, January 3, 2013

Walk, Don't Drive!

Walk and Leave Your Car Parked.

For a lot of us it becomes easy to just DRIVE off and go anywhere we like. But have you ever thought how bad is to be sitting in a car and just drive to every place you need to go?

Here is what happens when you drive:

1. Your car gets more miles, wear out tires, brake pads, etc.
2. You make Oil companies richer, car parts go up in price, car repair costs.
3. You waste your paycheck, you work hard for your money and spend it on gas?
4. Your blood presure goes up, go to go to the doctor AND PAY medical bills.

Instead, you should leave your car parked whenever possible. Walking is better than driving. If you walk your blood pressure will go down, you heart beat will become normal, your medical bills will be LESS and you'll be live happier.
Most of the money is spent on gasoline, so why not save on gas and keep part of that for yourself, or maybe you can buy a gift for your other half?
You will be more friendly to the environment, greenhouse keeper, stay in shape and your face will wear a bigger smile.
You'll be able to help someone because you'll be fit to run faster and show off your muscles.
People will be talking about you and your exercises, they will see you as the person they can rely on.
YOU WILL LIVE LONGER and you'll become stronger.

What do you say?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Old But Healthy.

Maybe you are not old but feel old. Or maybe you are old and feeling young. Whatever it is, it's a real blessing to be healthy. You know you are healthy when nothing hurts. You got no headaches, you got healthy and strong bones. Your stomach is good, no complains. Your diet is somewhat good and you exercise.
You go out and eat, go to movies, travel, etc.,you have no problems. How about sharing your secrets? Tell us what you do, share with us your experiences, what you do to keep up your healthy body.

First I'd like to share my thoughts about a healthy body. A healthy body is not so slim, not so heavy, just the right size. And to keep your shape you really have to watch, not what you eat, (maybe) but the amount of food you get on every meal. Really! Is it ok to order pizza tonight? Yes!, order some pizza but don't eat it all. Pizza can harm you if it's all you eat. Share the bad food! invite me over and even though I am not for PIZZA, I will still eat a piece or two, depends on how hungry I am.

Whatever it is you do, always watch the AMOUNT intake.

1. Don't eat everything just because you feel you still got some space. That is bad! Someone might go            hungry and you'll fell guilty for eating so much.

2. Don't just go hungry and make up later. Spacing out or 'forgetting' to eat it's a bad sign for a good diet. You don't loose weight if you skip meals. Always 'carry' cash with you just in case you need to get something from the dollar menu. I do that all the time. Well, not every time, but I do prepare myself with cash for emergencies o
3. If you find yourself over eating just 'walk it off'. Don't go to sleep, at least not yet. Wait for your stomach to process your meal before going to bed, specially at night.

4. Try to eat early, NOT LATE!  Eating something early morning will give you energy to do something good for your system, like having enough strength or energy to do phisical work. You'll be albe to continue doing something without stopping just because you 'suddenly' got hungry.

Well, these are my tips for a good old but healthy life. Hope you enjoy reading it.